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As you prepare for your Memorial Day festivities, watch NewsOne Now host Roland Martin and comedian Niki Moore break down rules for your holiday cookout.

Here are a few you might want to implement during the event:

  • If you are a rapper, we don’t want to hear your mixtape.
  • No multi-level marketing schemes at the cookout. That means no Amway, Pre-Paid Legal, or Herbalife.
  • Vegetarians beware… if you invite Roland to your cookout and you have portobello mushrooms on the grill — there might be some furniture moving.

Watch Martin and Niki Moore detail their hilarious list of cookout rules in the video clip above. Remember, they are just for fun.

Comedian Aries Spears On The Business Of Being Funny

Comedian Aries Spears talks about the business side of comedy and uses his impressive impersonation skills to channel Jay Z, DMX, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Plus, Spears pranks patrolling LAPD officers with an improper impromptu question. Watch all the laughs in the video clip above.

Tony Woods And The Boomerang Gift Go On Trial

Comedians Alex Scott, Queen Aishah, Tony Woods, and host Roland Martin mix it up during a recently recorded edition of Wildin’ Out Wednesday.

Woods said he wanted to bring Roland a gift, but in the process of explaining what the gift was supposed to be, he gets put on trial by Roland and the crew.

Watch comedian Tony Woods and the trial of the boomerang in the video clip above.

R&B Diva Syleena Johnson Got Jokes

R&B Diva Syleena Johnson appeared on NewsOne Now during a recent edition of WTH? Thursday to discuss some of the wild and crazy stories trending in the news. We expected to have a few laughs, but we didn’t know Johnson was going to be this funny. The girl’s got jokes.

Check out all of the laughs in the video clip above.

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