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Trayvon Martin Shooter George Zimmerman Charged With 2nd Degree Murder

Source: Pool / Getty

According to Lake Mary, FL Police Chief Steve Bracknell, George Zimmerman was injured in a shooting on Monday afternoon.

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Officers at the scene reported Zimmerman suffered a minor gunshot wound.

WESH reports:

He walked normally into the ambulance, so he wasn’t being helped or nothing,” said witness Ricardo Berrare. “They actually backed up the ambulance next to his driver side so he could walk into the door.”

Chopper 2 video showed a bullet hole in the passenger window the vehicle Zimmerman was in.

“The officer was talking to him through the back window because the other one had a hole in it. It was all shattered,” Berrare said.

Bracknell said the shooting may have been related to an “ongoing dispute” involving Zimmerman and another person.