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to be like everyone else.”

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Jamie remembers scouring the Internet as part of his search for talent that would set The Foxxhole apart when he came across B.Scott.

“So, I’m looking on the Internet and I see this transgender — I thought he was a girl at first,” Jamie stated. “And he was this dude named B. Scott. And the dude’s show was SO dope, that I said ‘Yo, man get in touch with that dude. He needs to be a DJ on ‘The Foxxhole.’”

Not everyone was as excited about having B.Scott on “The Foxxhole” as he was, but Jamie recalls standing by his decision. “We put him on there — hella backlash. Everybody was mad, I said ‘Man he’s dope,’” said Jamie.

This still doesn’t really explain why he made a joke about Bruce’s transition, but it’s good that Jamie is an equal opportunity employer.


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