The Cast Of Brotherly Love Covers Rolling Out

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The stars of the film Brotherly Love — Keke Palmer, Cory Hardrict, Quincy Brown and Eric D. Hill Jr. — cover this month’s issue of Rolling Out Magazine.

The young stars opened up about making the film and its importance in today’s society.

Brotherly Love is an important film because there haven’t been any generational films like this since The Wood [1999] and Love & Basketball [2000], not to discount any other films or to say we haven’t enjoyed others in different genres,” KeKe Palmer told Rolling Out. “We talk about real issues in Brotherly Love; we don’t tiptoe around them. It’s as genuine as if you are with your friends and you discuss violence, or talk about your future and what paths to travel to reach your [destiny]. It’s good to see films that make you think and ask yourself, ‘How can I apply that to my life?’ Brotherly Love definitely did that for me when I read the script.”

Recently, KeKe cleared up some drama about a statement she made about her co-star Cory Hardrict, who is married to Tia Mowry.

KeKe had mentioned her childhood crush on Cory in an interview about the film and Tia must have gotten things misconstrued. KeKe broke it all down to Wendy Williams:

I’ve known Cory since I was 10-years-old. He auditioned for ‘Akeelah and The Bee’ to play my big brother in the film. And in the interview I was talking about how the whole ‘Brotherly Love’ cast, we kind of grew up together. I’ve known Quincy since I was 14. I’ve known most of the cast since I was very young, including Cory. And I was like ‘I’ve known Cory since I was 10 and I was like I’m going to marry this man,’ as a 10-year-old. It was me quoting how I was as a kid.

Watch the trailer, below:


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