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In one of their most powerful covers in recent months, Time magazine explores the aftermath of the shooting of Walter Scott, the unarmed Black man killed by a South Carolina police officer, and highlights why his death – and the video of the altercation – is different from those of Eric Garner and Michael Brown.

Time magazine reports:

 “Where would we be without that video?” attorney Justin Bamberg wondered on behalf of Scott’s family.

 The answer to that question is important. Before the video emerged, the killing of Walter Scott had occupied the same contested territory in which hundreds of other cases have languished and festered–famous cases, like the killings of Eric Garner in New York and Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., and other cases that barely register in the police blotter.

[Officer Michael] Slager told investigators that after he sought to question Scott about his brake light, the encounter somehow escalated. Scott, it was reported, had a warrant out for his arrest over delinquent child-support payments. The two men wrestled over Slager’s Taser, the officer said, and Slager felt threatened.

But the video tells a different story. At no point does Scott appear to threaten the life of since-fired North Charleston police officer Slager. Scott, however, still ends up dead like so many unarmed Black men during encounters with police officers, which leads to the question of why?

Check out the story and the powerful cover above.



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