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If you haven’t heard the phrase “on fleek” used in a sentence or seen it flying freely around social media, then clearly you’ve not been paying attention. And more than likely, you’ve wondered where the phrase came from. Well, now it seems that a 17 year old Chicago teen, Kayla Newman, is the one who coined the phrase that has found its way into the pop culture lexicon.

Newman told For Harriet that it all began with a video she posted on Vine back in June 2014. Newman, whose Vine moniker is Peaches Monroee, was feeling good feeling great after having her brows done, and the phrase just came to her. “It just came to me out of the blue. I never heard of the word, and nobody else had heard of the word. I just said it, and I guess that’s what came out. That’s about it,” she said. The Vine post quickly went viral and “on fleek” officially became the de facto phrase that pays for teens, hip-hop artists, and pretty much anyone wanting to sound hip. Now that the phrase has begun popping up in ads for Taco Bell and in other mainstream spaces, it is unclear how long “on fleek’s” shelf life will be…on fleek.

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