Estelle says she met Kanye when she walked up to Kanye at a restaurant and asked him to introduce her to John Legend – and surprisingly, he agreed.

“It was 2003,” Estelle says. “People change. But he’s always been cool with me and he was on my first record that came out on the U.S.”

Estelle’s fourth studio album represents a little bit of departure for her. Her single “Make Her Say (Beat It Up) was one of her more overtly sexual songs and the video featured real-life couples in the foreplay of making love.

“It’s my baby,” Estelle says of True Romance.  “When my mom asks me what happened with all the kids, I’m like this is my fourth album and this is great. It’s real life, it’s about what we go through. Last time, people heard me, I was depressed, singing ‘Thank You.’”

So you can expect this album is much sexier.

When you think of albums, after ‘Thank You,’ you think what is she going to do next? I wanted to do something realistic and talk about where I am now. I’m not married yet, but  I’m not broken up but I’m not running into a relationship. And I think there are a lot of people who spend a lot of time in that space and they can relate to this album,” Estelle says.

As for her own love life, Estelle says “There are several crushes in these streets. I think he’s too young for me, but I love Michael B. Jordan, I think he’s beautiful,” she says.

True Romance Tracklisting

1. “Time After Time”

2. “Conqueror”

3. “Something Good” / “Devotion” (Passion Interlude)

4. “Make Her Say (Beat It Up)”

5. “Time Share (Suite 509)”

6. “The Same”

7. “Fight for It”

8. “Silly Girls”

9. “Gotcha Love”

10. “She Will Love”

11. “All That Matters”

12. “Not Sure” (Bonus Track)Click the link above to hear the entire interview!

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(Photo: Sophy Holland)

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