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Whoopi Goldberg is not here for Kanye West’s comments surrounding Beck’s win for Album of the Year. Today on The View, Whoopi and the panel dished last night’s awards and addressed Kanye pulling a well, Kanye on Beck for not giving his award to Beyoncé . Outgoing host Rosie O’Donnell praised ‘Ye for performing “Only One” earlier in the night and was dismayed by the rapper’s remarks over Beck gaining the top prize of the night. Whoopi didn’t find West’s actions cute and decided to dress him down for his antics. Ms. G stated:

As an artist, Kanye, you know what it’s like when somebody questions your artistry. Now, I don’t know if you listened to Beck’s album, but it was pretty damn good, I just want to say. And Beyoncé collecting three Grammys and I think it’s kind of rough to say ‘real artists’ like he’s not a real artist. Everybody on that stage was a real artist, honey. This is one of the few places where you can’t just you know, get up o and do what ya’ll do.

watch the video below.

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Earlier today, West was confronted by paparazzi  in a New York City airport along with wifey Kim Kardashian and baby North about his criticism of Beck. West used the opportunity to clarify his comments where he claimed:

I wasn’t saying Beck, I said the Grammys. Beck knows that Beyoncé should have won.

Sounds like Yeezus got a call from someone to tone down his antics. Later another shutterbug tried to be funny and ask West if he’d heard of Beck, resulting in him firing back:

Come on, man. I love Beck. But he didn’t have Album of the Year.


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