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The 57th annual Grammy Awards took on a more somber mood when president Barack Obama and songstress Katy Perry (pictured) teamed up to deliver a PSA about the ills of domestic violence.

Obama encouraged artists to take an active stance against the violence that is perpetuated towards women and specifically used college rape statistics to punctuate his cry.   “It’s on us — all of us — to create a culture where violence isn’t tolerated, where survivors are supported, and where all our young people — men and women — can go as far as their talents and their dreams will take them,” Obama said.

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Our president was followed by domestic violence survivor, Brooke Axtell, who told a story of how an ex-boyfriend had threatened to end her life and how she made endless excuses for his reasons to batter her.  Axtell is the Director of Communications for Allies Against Slavery, but also uses performance art to speak out against domestic violence.  “If you’re in a relationship with someone who does not honor or respect you, I want you to know you are worthy of love. Please reach out for help,” Axtell pleaded.

Perry then took the spotlight, who despite her chart-busting fame has yet to snag a Grammy.  The songstress appeared austere, was dressed in all-white and behind her were dancing shadows.  She sang her piano accompanied, stirring survival anthem, “By the Grace of God.”  Perry’s performance at this year’s Grammys is quite a contrast to her very recent performance at Super Bowl XLIX.  Perry brought an explosion of energy and spectacle to the Super Bowl stage that she shared with such musical dynamos as Missy Elliot and Lenny Kravitz.

Watch a video of Perry’s riveting performance.

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