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Comedian Katt Williams talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about his upcoming tour ‘Born Again…Again’ Tour. As usual, Williams has his own take on current events, sports and life.

Currently on the West Coast, Williams says that pimpin’ just doesn’t work in a blizzard. “I think that’s out of bounds. The weather needs to cooperate. It’s kind of like the PSI in Deflategate. If it’s not right, it’s ain’t going to be right.”

Williams says that so far Super Bowl XLIX is living up to the hype.

“‘It’s supposed to be a Super Bowl. It’s not supposed to be your average, everyday game. We see lots of games and this is finally living up to the hype. Isn’t it nice when things live up to the hype?”

As far as controversial Seattle Seahawks player Marshawn Lynch,  Williams says he can understand why he wants to play the game, but doesn’t care much for the media aspect of his job.

“If you to pay me to play football and to dance, that’s two different contracts. When you start seeing the doctor perform surgery and clean up the room before he leaves, that’s two checks.”

The TJMS wondered if Williams was still in therapy since his arrest record has slowed down in recent months. Williams says yes, but it’s physical therapy from both a torn rotator cuff and a spider bite.

“What I’m saying is, Satan is busy out there in the universe. And hopefully, I’m taking him off some people for those of you getting Christmas on Wednesday…What other therapy you thought I was in, I don’t do no therapy. That was the therapy just going through it and that’s what made it so cool.

I’m in a different position than a lot of people. We could all use some brain games and getting our brain to another level. My brain was already on another level. I’m trying to go to the next level. You have to be so cognizant to pull these things off no matter how they work. But staying ahead of the curve is so difficult to do you have to intentionally do that.”

OK, so that sums up the Katt man’s take on therapy and brain science. But of his own propensity to difficult and challenging life experiences, Williams says he’s not intentionally seeking drama.

“In the spiritual connotation of things, trouble is  definitely coming to find me because I have no interest in it. But by the same token, I don’t run from trouble because I don’t know who trouble comes from. I’ve been fighting that the whole time because I’m trying to get to the last link is. I’m excited about beating Satan every day in whatever way I personally can.”

As for where Williams is originally from, he says that folks who claim he’s from Cincinnati are correct. In a way.

“I didn’t go to high school or college, so if you knew me in junior high, you knew me in my senior year,” he says.

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