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A Texas judge threw the book at Pilar Sanders for violating her custody agreement with her ex-husband Deion Sanders. On Tuesday, Pilar headed to a Dallas suburb courtroom after the NFL Hall Of Famer filed an injunction to bar the former model from making scathing remarks against him and requested to modify their divorce decree. Reuters is reporting the the former Dallas Cowboys star hauled Pilar into court when she failed to return the their three children on time after a scheduled visitation in July. According to complaint, Pilar also took the children for a visit when it wasn’t her allowed time.

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The judge initially ruled Pilar must serve 30 days in jail, but suspended her sentence and ordered as part of her 1 year probation she must head to jail for 7 days. Pilar’s visitation rights were also suspended indefinitely and was instructed to remove any remarks, and videos posted on social media made by her and those associated with her about Deion. Pilar has accused Deion in the past of spousal abuse in the media, which he claims caused the NFL to investigate which nearly resulted in damaging his livelihood as a television broadcaster. The two are set to head to trial March 2 for Deion’s suit against Pilar for defamation.

During the court proceedings Pilar, who appeared without an attorney, kept insisting she was there under coercion and duress. Throughout the hearing she stated she didn’t acknowledge the jurisdiction of the court and, when asked what her name was Pilar remarked:

I am Pilar Sanders Love El Dey Allodial Moorish American.


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