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‘RHOA’ star and actress Nene Leakes takes over for Sherri Shepherd as the wicked stepmother in ‘Cinderella’ on Broadway, November 25th. The reality star isn’t intimidated by much but says she’s nervous about her role as the Wicked Stepmother.

“”I’m scared, but I’m ready to get the first one under my belt,” Leakes says. “She’s got a lot to say and a lot to do,” says Leakes who will star alongside KeKe Palmer in the classic fairly tale. “I hope I can do it justice.”

Leakes has been rehearsing for three weeks but says that she won’t be doing the British accent as other actresses have.

“We’re going to make it an ATL thing,” she says. “They don’t want make it too urban, but they are allowing me to do a few little fun things with it. With all the madames that have been on Broadway, each one does it a little different. I’ve been working with Sherri and trailing her backstage to see how she enters and exits the stage, when does she change her wardrobe and things like that. So it was real interesting. It’s a real production backstage so I’ll be a little different from Sherri. I’ve done some of those little Black plays, you know.”

Even Nene says she couldn’t have dreamed of a future growing up in Georgia where she’d be able to see her name in lights on a Broadway marquee. Despite the cold in New York City, she did venture out to see it, with some of the cast.

“You know you dream but you don’t know if your dreams will come true,” Leakes says. “I just can’t believe it, I really can’t. And they have welcomed me with open arms.”

Leakes says her arms are open to any of her Real Housewives of Hollywood castmates who want to attend.

“They’re welcome to come. But you know those girls are shady. They’ve already been to see Sherri and they’ve never been to Broadway in their life. I’m glad they went to see Sherri because I have my support system and they will be there.”

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