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If you voted a provisional ballot on Election Day you must present a photo ID to your local registrar’s office today by 12 noon to be counted. You can bring the photo ID to the registrar’s office, send an email attachment or fax it.

A Provisional Ballot update from the Virginia Department of Elections:

Where is my local registrar’s office? Find your local office here.

  • A Provisional Ballot is a paper or optical scan ballot which is cast separately and sealed in a green envelope. An officer of election will assist the voter in completing the information on both sides of the envelope. The voter must provide the information requested and sign the Statement of Voter.
  • Provisional Ballots are not counted on Election Day. Your local Electoral Board will meet the day after the election to begin its determination of provisional votes. Voters who did not present photo ID have until noon on Friday after the election to present photo ID. The votes of qualified voters will then be counted and included in the results for your locality.
  • Provisional voters are allowed to be present when the Electoral Board meets to determine if their vote was valid or their ID was submitted, and can ask for a one day extension to gather evidence. The election officials will tell each provisional voter when and where the Electoral Board will meet, and provide a phone number to call to find out if their Provisional Ballot was counted. Voters casting a Provisional Ballot due to lack of photo ID will also be provided with information necessary to submit a copy of the required documents or to request a Virginia Voter Photo ID from the general registrar’s office in which their provisional ballot was cast.