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Monyetta Shaw believes her ex-fiance Ne-Yo has been getting a bad rap from things she’s revealed on “Atlanta Exes” and she thinks it’s time for the public to move on.

If anyone’s got a valid reason to be mad at the Ne-Yo, it is Monyetta! The VH1 star has opened up quite during her run on the “Hollywood Exes” spin-off, but nothing has been more shocking than to find out how Ne-Yo has treated her in the past. She’s sacrificed a lot for him only to be left behind (romantically speaking) before they ever got the altar.

Monyetta’s story has soured a lot of people on the crooner. She never meant to undermine him on the show; it’s just that her side of their story makes him look really bad!

“I don’t think he’s ever been seen in that light before, and no one knew that would happen,” she told Juicy magazine in a recent interview. “I just knew I wouldn’t bash him because that’s not the relationship that we have. But then again, I knew that I was going to tell my truth to be able to help others that maybe experiencing what I experienced. Kinda show them what maybe not to do, so none of us saw this coming, and it’s a different light for him.”

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Ne-Yo markets himself as a gentleman, but breaking up with her over the phone after two kids and an engagement hardly falls in line with that image! As crappy as that was, Monyetta is determined not to be bitter, and she’s been able to let her anger about their relationship go so that they can be better co-parents.

“What I want to convey to the world is to let them know that I’ve forgiven him. Yes, people grow, people change, people make mistakes, but I was mature enough to forgive him,” “I kinda want the fans to forgive him too. But I get it – they’re probably shocked ’cause his image is a gentleman, and they really didn’t know much about our personal life because we purposely kept it on the low, but of course, I signed up for a reality show, so that’s kinda out of the window.”

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Remember how we said Monyetta gave up a lot to be with Ne-Yo that would include her ability to have more babies. “Atlanta Exes” fans were floored to find out that she’d gotten herself fixed so that she can never bear children again. People wanted to know why a woman would ever do that to herself for a man, but the reality star said she was fully invested in building a life with the singer. That mean no more kids for them.

“I believed in the promise that was going to be – that we were getting [married]. There was no doubt in my mind,” Monyetta explained. “A lot of stories were coming out saying he made me, and he pressured me. That’s not the case, at all. I’m a woman, a grown woman, and I made my own choice. Yes, we decided together, ’cause we had a girl and a boy, that we didn’t want any more kids.”

The decision may have been made as a family, but it was still something really hard for Monyetta to do. In hindside, getting her tubes burned isn’t necessarily a decision she’d make again. “I don’t know if I would do it the exact same way if I had the opportunity to go back,” she admitted, “but that’s life, and we can’t go back. So I’m standing by my decision, and living with the consequences.”


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