Ten to 15 percent of people in this country have dyslexia. Just five out of every one hundred dyslexics are properly diagnosed and receive assistance.

Other successful celebrities who have overcome reading challenges include Danny Glover, Thomas Edison, Magic Johnson, Walt Disney, Whoopi Goldberg and Alexander Graham Bell, just to name a few.

Floyd had every excuse not to succeed….at anything. Sure his dad worked out with him in the gym, but he says other than that, they had no real relationship. When his dad went to prison, he dropped out of school and put all his energy into boxing, realizing this was the only way he might earn a living and be able to take care of his mom.

Floyd Mayweather’s reading problem is an easy target, but I’ll bet many of the people taking aim aren’t nearly as successful as he has been.

If he wins this weekend, his record will be 46-0, very close to moving him closer to the great Rocky Marcianos 49-0 career record. He runs Mayweather Promotions, has multiple mansions, a fleet of cars, and a jet. Don’t get me wrong.

I don’t condone any of the violent behavior Floyd has displayed, especially toward women, outside of the ring. And of course, I still say education and literacy are invaluable and I’ll bet even Floyd knows that his life would be richer if he had both. But give him credit for taking the hand he was dealt and making the most of it.

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