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Floyd Mayweather says he doesn’t care that 50 Cent and Manny Pacquiao call him uneducated. He says if it’s true, ‘It makes my story that much more interesting.’ I agree with Floyd 100 percent. Now, before you call me a hypocrite, let me explain.

You know I’m a proponent of education and believe that everyone in this country is entitled to a good one. But I also believe in hard work and doing the best you can with what you have and Floyd Mayweather has certainly done that.

I know a lot of people who can read who aren’t nearly as smart or industrious as Floyd Mayweather. If you don’t know his story, here it is. Floyd has been in the boxing ring since the age of three and he’s perfected his skill. He doesn’t read for a living as he admits. “Reading will not define my place in boxing history,” Floyd says.

I’m just a DJ but perhaps if Floyd had grown up in another environment he would be a great reader and a great boxer. When he was a little boy, practically growing up in the ring in his hometown of Grand Rapids, Mich., he told his grandmother he thought he could get a job. She told him, ‘No, just keep boxing.’ So, he did.

When he was nine, he moved to Jersey City with his mom where he said there were seven people sleeping in one bedroom and they sometimes without any electricity. His mom was addicted to drugs. Mayweather remembers coming home from school and finding used heroin needles in his front yard.

I don’t imagine that anyone was listening to him read aloud at home or helping him practice his spelling words. Nor was there anyone around to suggest that he get tested for dyslexia or some other learning disorder.

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