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A lot is cookin’ at the Tom Joyner Family Reunion so it’s a good thing that professional chef G. Garvin will be there. Garvin, best known for his cooking show Turn Up The Heat on TV One has branched out to cookbooks and a Travel Network show, Underground BBQ Challenge. But he’s also participating in the Give It Up for Good initiative through his One Bite Foundation.

“I wanted to give back to the young men who were troubled, who had nowhere to go who weren’t sure what they wanted to do but get into trouble,” Garvin says. “I wanted to give them an opportunity to go into the culinary field, which is what I’ve done, which is what saved my life. And it’s great because they get a chance to learn to cook and learn anything there is to learn about the food and TV business.”

The Give It Up For Good campaign, through Family Reunion sponsor Allstate recognizes people in the community who are doing things for others. They are sharing their stories via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #giveitupforgood. Now in its second year, Allstate and Garvin invite social media users to spread the word about those in their own neighborhoods who are selflessly contributing to others. You can also follow @giveitupforgood on Twitter or head to the website to see and share stories.

At the Family Reunion, Garvin will bring his culinary team and do some cooking demonstrations in Orlando. He says he’s not sure just what he’s going to be cooking, since that all depends on what he’s feeling at the time. He’s that way all the time, even at home, he says.

My mother used to say ‘My house, my rules,’ I say ‘My kitchen, my meals,’” he says. “If I’m cooking it, you’re eating it, unless you’re cooking it. But I say it in a nice way.”

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