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I am Clovia Lawrence known as “Miss Community”, “Community Clo” or “Big Clo” and the name is not taken for granted when serving the community. It can be challenging but most importantly it is rewarding. I love people and that is the way that God built me to be. He taught me through prayer, fasting and meditation how to love others in spite of their behavior.

Is Clovia perfect? NO WAY! I have learned that I can love you, forgive you and let stuff go. And, that was an uphill battle to forgive someone who has hurt you and someone you love and not say a word. I always wanted to have the last word but today NOT.

Life is just an obstacle to hurdle over but we must stay focus on the race to win. Your decisions made in life will either make you or break you. #clo-ism

Finally, please don’t spend major energy on minor stuff. It’s just minor.

Thanks for allowing me to share what is on my heart today.

God bless your heart,

Clovia “Clo-Munity” Lawrence

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