“The issue for me is that when you take risks [in a sermon], two things are required,” Callahan says. “The first thing is the risk should be in service of some message…The second thing is when you take those risks you have to be open to the reality that what you’re trying to do might not actually work.”

I understand that black pastors are trying to shake up their congregations. Bryant and Thompson consider themselves New Age ministers who deliver shock-and-awe sermons to motivate their flocks on Sundays. I get that. But I won’t attend a church where the Senior Pastor disrespectfully refers to women as “hoes.”

There is no room in the church for that kind of language or that characterization of women. As I sat in church Sunday listening to my pastor deliver appropriate messages to the congregation, I reflected on a troubling trend: With all the words available in the English language, why do some young and over-the-top black pastors feel the need to use the word “hoes” to describe women – and in some cases black women?

Why use the word “hoes” at all? Why not just call them “women?”

What do you think?

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