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The fifth anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death is just days away.

Now, Conrad Murray, the man who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in Jackson’s death, wants to tell his side.

Murray is releasing a video on a website he created.

That’s from a video on the website “”.

In the video Conrad Murray goes into detail about almost every piece of evidence brought against him during the trial.

He starts with the biggest piece of evidence, the one that was discussed most, and the role the surgical Anesthetic Propofol played in Michael Jackson’s death.

The video then shows a full screen graphic which reads, “What you’re about to witness is a profoundly disturbing example of judicial corruption.  Injustice, prejudice, deception and unjust punishment craftily pervade many societies.  Be aware, this to can happen to you.”

The video then goes on for an hour and a half discussing Michael Jackson’s chronic insomnia, how a plan was devised to ween him from the use of Propofol and other drugs.

Murray states that the prosecution and its witnesses were in collusion against him.

I spoke with Dr. Murray last night and asked him why he was so adamant about releasing this video and telling his side of the story.

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