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The Secretary of the Commonwealth office has announced a ‘new feature’ to the restoration of rights process. Virginians who have lost their civil rights will now be able to check the status of their rights restoration on the SOC  website.

The searchable database requires first name, last name, date of birth and social security number. Only people with access to that information will be able to look up the status. Individuals who have had their rights restored will show the date the rights restoration was granted, along with a link to register to vote. If the petition is still being worked on, the site will show a pending status. Petitioners who are ineligible or who require more information to have their file completed will be directed to contact SOC office.

Miss Community Clooovia and Secretary of the Commonwealth Levar Stoney chat about the new ‘look up’ tool. Play audio here….

Are you eligible for automatic restoration of rights for a nonviolent felony offense?

*Must have completed your sentence

*Must have completed probation and parole

*Must not have any pending felonies.

Restoration of rights criteria for crimes considered non-violent or violent here.

Please fill out the contact sheet here.

Secretary of the Commonwealth Levar Stoney has been working with stakeholders from across the Commonwealth gathering names of nonviolent felons to have their rights restored by Governor Terry McAuliffe. Rolling For Freedom-R4F founded by Clovia Lawrence is a stakeholder and will continue to gather names and assistance with online contact sheets of those seeking restoration of rights.

Miss Community Clooovia and the Rolling for Freedom  are available to assist with the restoration of rights process under the Terry McAuliffe administration.

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