Kevin Hart and Ice Cube on stunts for Ride Along:

Kevin Hart: I wanted to do the stunts but if you think I’m the only one that backed out of some stunts, ol’ Triple X over here did the same thing a couple of times. Cube had a fight scene and he got thrown up a wall couple of times and he never said anything but the next few takes there was a stunt double. He had a cup of soup and was watching the monitors.

Ice Cube: I never claimed I was going to do all my stunts. Stunt men need their jobs.

Cube and Kevin on The Fantastic Voyage which Ice Cube will be on, but Kevin Hart won’t.

Cube: Gonna be on stage with George Clinton, Mr. Funkenstein himself. We’re going to take it back old school. I got 20 years of hits now. We gon’ party man, don’t worry about nothing.

Kevin: Tom don’t want me on the cruise!

On The Real Husbands of Hollywood:

Kevin Hart: The point of the show is to exaggerate your life. People have gotten mad but nobody gets it worse than I get it on the Real Husbands. I take the brunt of everything first, so it’s always my rebuttal. Me, Boris [Kodjoe], Nick [Cannon] and Nelly we take it. I don’t think we mess with anybody more than Bobby [Brown]. Bobby’s fine. We had one person come on there and we had to have an hour meeting before filming to explain to them why it was OK. Once people understand the humor of the show it’s better. We just can’t throw them in it but that’s what makes the show different and original. We’re trying to make it as mockingly good as possible.

Ice Cube: I ain’t going on there. Cube ain’t gon take it.

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