“It’s about time that we all get to feel something and express sadness and joy,” Lee says.”There’s no need to keep things bottled up. When I was writing and creating it and when I was on set with the actors, I was feeling what they felt and I was feeling what the audience would probably feel, absolutely. These are real emotions that are heartfelt and we can feel it in our soul at times.”

The eventual success of many films is judged by their international appeal. Black movies have long been viewed as not appealing to an overseas audience. But Lee says that’s easily overcome with some hardcore promotion.

“That just takes time and effort to really push it. Will Smith became an international star not because he laid back and counted his dollars. He went over to India, Japan and China and went on the talk shows and got to know people. He really worked himself. It has to be a concerted effort by the studio by the actors to let people know that we’re there and that we have a story worth telling.”

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Malcolm Lee Talks Success of ‘Best Man Holiday’ and A Possible Sequel  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com

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