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Fans of the Washington Washington Football Team and their star QB Robert Griffin III will just have to settle down and be patient as Coach Mike Shanahan delivered the news that nobody in the Washington Football Team Nation wanted to hear, that R G – 3 will not play in the preseason, and he did not sound overly confident that Griffin will be ready to go on Sept 9th when the Philadelphia Eagles visit the Nation’s Capital for opening day around the NFL.  this 

Trouble in Paradise?  Shanahan also dismissed this talk of some deal that he and Griffin have where the bottom line is he WILL play against Philly. The Coach says his main job is to get Griffin ready to play, but to also look out for his health and the welfare of the team going forward. Shanahan appears to be trying to gain control of a situation that could get out of hand with Griffin publicly criticizing the Coach’s handling of his practice plan, and the Coach basically saying it’s not his job to cater to R G – 3’s every whim. Oh-Oh!

Shanahan also said that the goal is to get Griffin ready for Game 1, but if they feel he’s not ready, ifr there is any setback, R G – 3 may not play until Game 5 or 6. That is certainly not the kind of news the Washington Football Team fans wanted to hear, but perhaps the Coach felt it was time to seize control of a situation that was getting completely out of his hands.