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Governor McDonnell announced on May 29, 2013 a transition from an application process to an automatic restoration process for non-violent felons. The enactment date for this transition is July 15, 2013. The Rolling for Freedom Project and other organizations will travel across Richmond and Central Virginia seeking nonviolent felons for restoration on rights on an individualized basis.

The Rolling for Freedom project will gather names of nonviolent felons at the Trinity Family Life Center on Saturday, June 22, 2013 from 12pm-3pm. TFLC is located 3601 Dill Road Richmond, Virginia 23222. Also, R4F will provide voter registration.

New Criteria for Non-Violent Felon restoration (effective May 29, 2013):

  • Have been convicted of a non-violent felony in a Virginia court, or convicted in a U.S. District Court, military court or a court of another state or territory
  • Have completed serving the prison sentence and been released from probation or parole; and
  • Have paid all court costs, fines to the Commonwealth and restitution to the victims, satisfied all court-ordered conditions, and have no pending felony charges.

If you have lost the right to vote as a result of a felony conviction in a Virginia court, a U.S. District or a military court, you must have your rights restored in order to qualify for voter registration. The restoration of rights restores the rights to vote, to run for and hold public office, to serve on juries and to serve as a notary public. It does not include the right to possess or transport any firearm or to carry a concealed weapon.

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