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Just a couple weeks ago Mrs Carter A.K.A Beyonce released a song called “Bow Down”. To sum the song up, Queen B basically states that the other women in the music industry need to show respect and recognize that she is the Queen of music. Beyonce states “I took some time to live my life….But don’t think I’m just his little wife….Don’t get it twisted, get it twisted..This my sh-t, bow down b-tches” Because of her choice of words a lot of people thought Beyonce went too far and that it was low class of her to write a song telling women to “bow down” to her.

Now Mr. Carter A.K.A Jay Z has released a song today called “Open Letter” responding to the recent criticism wifey and him received when traveling to Cuba for their wedding anniversary and his decision to sell his part of the Brookland Nets to become a sports agent. In J’s lyrics he states “They wanna give me jail time and a fine…Fine, let me commit a real crime,” and he also states “done turned Havana into Atlanta.” J also makes it know how he feels about the politicians that criticized the trip stating “Politicians never did sh-t for me…except lie to me, distort history,”. Jay Z also has a quote referencing President Obama!

It seems like every time “The Carter’s” get criticized by the media they write a song, movie or put out a world tour about it. So that brings me to this question. Do you think the King and Queen of music royalty have gone too far? Do you think they’ve lost a bit of their “known for” humility?

Click here to hear Jay Z’s “Open Letter”

And if you haven’t heard it…. Click here to hear Beyonce’s “Bow Down”

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