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Thousands of fans lined the streets of “Charm City” in Baltimore, Maryland today as they came out to cheer on the 2013 Super Bowl Champions, the Baltimore Ravems, who defeated San Francisco on Sunday night in New Orleans to win Super Bowl XLVII. QB Joe Flacco, the Super Bowl’s Most Valuable Player, hoisted the Lombardi Trophy high as he told the audience how proud he was to represent the city of Baltimore.

But the day belonged to the soon-to-be-retired All-Pro LB Ray Lewis, who has played his entire career in Baltimore and has anchored the Ravens defense for 17 incredible seasons. Lewis rode in a military vehicle toward the back of the parade, clinching the Super Bowl trophy and giving the thumbs-up to the fans who have supported him, even during the rocky times in his NFL career.  Lewis, a  lock for the Pro Football Hall Of Fame, played the final game of his outstanding career, and will go out as arguably the best linebacker to ever play the game.

At the very least, Lewis’ name should be mentioned along with Taylor, Lambert, Singletary, and Butkus when the subject of the greatest linebackers is raised.