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Finally, It’s Super Bowl Weekend and countdown to game-time.  Hopefully we can get there without any bizarre events before Sunday’s kick-off in New Orleams.  The San Francisco 49ers sound quite confident while the Baltimore Ravens approach the game with a more business-like, been-there-done-that attitude.  The 49ers are explosive and if the Ravens can’t stop the run game, it will be a long night for Baltimore.  But because this is the final game for LB Ray Lewis, I would be shocked if the Ravens Defense does not bring it’s A-Game to the SuperDome on Sunday.  It sets up to be a classic battle, but I like Baltimore 31 – 28 in Super Bowl XLVII…….

We almost made it throught the entire Super Bowl week without any negative incidents or ridiculous comments. Almost. San Francisco cornerback Chris Culliver ruined it by denouncing any players in the NFL who may be gay, suggesting they were not welcome in “his” locker room, and that he thinks if there are any on his team, they should just leave. Wow. Unbelievable. The team quickly distanced itself from Culliver’s comments but made no mention of fines or suspension for Sunday’s game, which a lot of fans are calling for. Why Chris? Why?

While most of the media has focused on the impending retirement of Baltimore’s iconic Linebacker Ray Lewis and San Francisco’s hot young quarterback Colin Kaepernick, one of the 49ers players has been overlooked in the run to Super Bowl XLVII. He remains under radar despite his stellar career in the NFL. That player is veteran wide receiver Randy Moss, who had an outstanding career while playing with the Minnesota Vikings, then later the New England Patriots. Moss stunned the sports world Tuesday by proclaiming himself as the “greatest receiver of all time”.

Gotta give Moss credit, he’s not shy at all. Wearing a 49ers uniform, which was once donned by the man most fans regard as the greatest receiver to ever play the game, Jerry Rice, Moss says that distinguished title belongs to him. Even Rice himself was caught off guard with that comment from Moss on Media Day at the Super Bowl. The only problem for Moss in making that assessment of himself is that he has no jewelry to show for it. Rice however, has won Super Bowls, and holds all of the pertinent NFL receiving records.