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Up until a year and a half ago, I wasn’t the girl to do much more than adorn my nails with basic shades of pale pink. Any thought I had of using a shade the strayed away from what I considered to be the safe norm, was quickly nixed for fear of being “too bold.”

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Call it divine intervention or an a-ha moment, my ‘basic’ view on nail shades was forever changed after watching an episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. More specifically, after seeing a scene with NeNe Leakes and her periwinkle blue nails. From the moment that ’Housewives’ episode ended, I vowed that I’d keep the safe nail colors to a minimum and I’ve since embraced some of what’s happening in nail art today.

Just recently I stepped into the nail sticker arena (I know I’m a little slow) and used Maybelline New York’s Fashion Prints Nail Stickers, #20 Midnight Lace ($7.99, I just love how this brand makes wearing makeup fun. You can choose from eight on-trend patterns in all: Fierce N Fuchsia, Midnight Lace, Wild Reptile, Metal Prisms, Cheetah Chic, Sapphire Jewels, Divine Crocodile& Resort Couture. Available only for the month of November.

Being a creature of habit, I found it a little difficult to not use a brush to apply new color, but I remained strong for the sake of this story. And so the experiment begins with my carefully peeling the beautifully lace-designed nail sticker from its adhesive backing to lay it onto one of my bare nail beds starting at the cuticle.

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The directions say to use the enclosed cuticle stick to apply pressure to the sticker. I found it easier to use the surface of my thumb to apply pressure over the entire nail which keeps the air bubbles at bay. The directions also say to fold the spare top of the sticker over the nail and file downwards to remove the extra length. Unless your ambidextrous, this is a tough request. Although I found it difficult to file downwards with my left hand, and not my right, I got through the application process without too much stress.

The upside is that the removal process is super easy: start from the corner and peel away until the sticker is completely removed.

I feel empty without my nail lacquers so I probably wouldn’t use them again. But you should because it’s inexpensive and relatively easy to use. Thumbs up Maybelline!

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