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There was a moment inside Cosmos when the music was low, the murmurs were even lower. Words flashed across the screen: CNN projected Obama would won. The roar was unforgettable. Emotion swept through the room. He, no we, did it again.

I thought about the ‘hood brother dapping up other ‘hood brothers at the polling place on Shamrock earlier that day. He was thanking them for coming out to vote. His pride was unforgettable. I thought about my own brother who’d spent time locked up in Maryland, but truly believes that he can do anything because his president looks like him. I thought my neighbor who has more ailments than an actor in a health insurance commercial yet she spent Tuesday volunteering to call people to encourage them to vote. She turned her car into an Obama-Biden mobile ad, adorning it with every Obama-Biden magnet she could find. Obama won because we all still believe in the hope and change he promised four years ago. We know it’s not going to be easy, but for now, we’ll savor Election Night 2012. Check out our video from a Tuesday night election party.

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