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Absentee voting provides a means for qualified voters to participate in upcoming elections even though they may not be able to go to the polls on election day. Absentee voting in person begins at least 45 days before most elections and ends for in-person absentee voters on the Saturday before the election. For more information on absentee voting, please visit the State Board of Elections website at

In order to vote by absentee ballot a voter is required to complete an application listing a qualifying reason. Virginia allows a voter to vote by absentee ballot if they are unable to go to the polls on Election Day for any of the following reasons:

  • Student – They are a student attending an educational institution or a spouse of a student attending an educational institution, and they are absent from their locality.
  • Caregiver – They are the primary caregiver for a family member confined at home due to disability or illness.
  • Business – They will be outside of their locality due to business reasons.
  • Confinement in jail – They are awaiting trial or have been convicted of a misdemeanor.
  • Personal Business or Vacation – They will be traveling outside their county or city on personal business or vacation.
  • Election Official – They are an electoral board member, a Registrar, or an Officer of Election or custodian of voting equipment.
  • U.S. Uniformed Services or Merchant Marines – They are on active duty or are the spouse or a dependent of an active duty service member, and they are absent from their locality.
  • They are working and commuting to and from home for 11 or more hours during the hours between 6:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.
  • Disability or illness
  • Temporarily residing outside of the United States or a spouse of someone temporarily residing out of the United States
  • Religious obligation
  • Pregnancy

For a complete listing of reasons, please go to:

To accommodate in-person absentee voting or to assist voters by responding to other questions, general registrar offices will be open on Saturday.  Voters should check with their local registrar for the exact hours of operation.

If people have questions about voting absentee, their voting location, districts, voter registration status, or new voter card, they may contact the State Board of Elections at or 804-864-8901.  Citizens may also contact their local voter registration office.  


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