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Police in Minneapolis, Minnesota say five people, including the shooter, are dead following a workplace shooting on the city’s north side. The gunman walked into Accent Signage Systems, a sign-making business on Thursday afternoon and opened fire. Police say four people were taken to hospitals. The shooter, who had been fired from the company earlier during the day, apparently killed himself at the scene.

“When officers arrived and entered the business to assist with evacuation of employees, give aid to the victims and to search for the suspect they found four victims dead from apparent gunshot wounds, according to a statement from police spokesman Sgt. Stephen McCarty. Three victims remain in critical condition.

A call to report shootings at the business came through at 4:30 p.m. Someone from inside the business contacted the authorities. Police arrived quickly to the crime scene to evacuate people from the business and closed several blocks.

Dozens of squad vehicles and SWAT swamped the neighborhood near the sign-making business stopping traffic on a bridge with rifles drawn and pointed at the sign-making business and a park below.

According to the Accent Signage Systems website, the company makes interior signage for the visually impaired. The company was feature in the Finance & Commerce, a local publication. The newspaper reported that the company developed a patented technology for producing signs in Braille and had licensed the technology to companies in 38 countries. Also, the company had employed 28 people in July.