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From Obama for America:

CHICAGO — When a flood of Chinese tires threatened 1,000 American jobs, President Obama stood up to China and protected the American worker. Mitt Romney attacked the President’s decision, calling it “bad for the nation and our workers.” Obama for America’s new television advertisement tells the story of the President taking action in the face of China’s unfair practices, while Mitt Romney continues to hypocritically ignore the fact that he thought it was a bad idea and make false attacks against the President’s record on China.


Earlier today, President Obama’s U.S. Trade Representative filed a new trade enforcement case against China – part of the Administration’s larger efforts to stand up for American workers, level the playing field for our manufactures and businesses, and hold China accountable. If Mitt Romney was serious about holding China accountable, he wouldn’t have criticized the President’s efforts to crackdown on China to protect American tire workers, wouldn’t have maintained his investment in a Chinese company that relied on outsourced American jobs, even after he saw appalling working conditions firsthand, and he wouldn’t have proposed a tax plan that could create hundreds of thousands of jobs overseas including in China.


Mitt Romney now says he’d be tough on China, but how can he take them on when he’s taking their side?


“Tires” will air on national cable.


Please click HERE to watch the new ad.

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