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Lady Gaga’s little monsters failed. So did diverse representation in the senate. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell has been not been repealed.

It’s fair to say that the latter-day 21st Century everyman still see color, sex, creed, religion and gender equality in the same obtuse luminosity we have 15 years ago. We use obtuse shrewdly because it depends on one’s belief system. What did DADT mean to gays and lesbians had it been repealed? Would it have meant that the ultimate glass ceiling would have been in the horizon? Would it have meant a remodeling of his and his G.I. Joe dolls? And seriously, why does it matter? If you are consenting adult in love with another consenting adult, who has the right to voice an opinion? A lot of finger-pointing, religious-savvy heterosexuals see the act of homosexuality as a crime against nature and a blight in the eyes of their selective higher power. But what does ‘gay’ really mean? Here are 5 misunderstandings straights have with gays.



The stereotype is the “Celine Dion belting, flamboyant Technicolor light show flamingo” wearing a skintight, belly-button-revealing V-neck shirt and ass-less leather chaps. While it sounds like a complete 70s-era Village People stream room stereotype, we’ve seen the stereotype perpetuated on the small screen (America’s Next Top Model) or being syndicated on a stand-up comedy show. And once a stereotype, always a stereotype right?  Sadly, we often use fashion sensibility as the go-to factor. If a man were to wear something even remotely feminine in color (pink, lavender, a warm yellow or citrus shade he’d be the town laughing stock.



Talking with your hands, a head jerk, a twist of the wrist, a lisp… What does it sound like? Unfortunately, if you have zero power of your motor control and have a speech impediment… tough cookie. And what happens if you are gay and “straight-acting”? Its massive confusion: “How could you be gay? You watch football!”



For some reason, a lot of homophobic straight male believe in their heart that they are the center of the universe and that all gays are lusting after them. Chances are they are not, however, shouldn’t it be a confidence booster if they are?



Many believe the term is being gay with “straight tendencies,” or being the ‘cause of the HIV virus. Both of these theories are highly incorrect. First, the term means that one is attracted to both sexes, and that said bisexual is happier with whomever they fall in love with. Second, if a straight man whose has only been with women contracts HIV, does that mean that the women are gay and are the cause of the virus or that their previous male lovers had affairs with men?



There is a stereotype that all Kinsey 6 (straight being 1, gay being 6) gay men are ‘lesser’ men. Was there a rally or an amendment set in place that decided this? Surely no one would dare attack Roy Simmons, Orlando Jordan, John Amaechi or even Ji Wallace for their size and athleticism. And, who says you have to be follow gender binary stereotypes all of the time?

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