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Written by XHIBIT P contributor Leticia St. Remy

Somewhere in between “Irreplaceable” and “ Girls (Who Run the World), Beyoncé has become the face of pop feminism in the past decade. Her songs have been lauded as being empowering female anthems for their assertive lyrics. I was not there for that memo; just because she makes songs that state, “[female] persuasion can build a nation”, does not means her brand of feminism is substantial and a message that young girls should be consuming. Frankly, Beyoncé’s interpretation of feminism in her music seems to be an empty declaration of what should be: gender egalitarianism in all aspects of society. Beyoncé has done very little to contribute to bringing that dream of girls running the world to fruition. Her commitment to feminism seems to go as far as her lyrics, which are admittedly not that profound.

Her recent interview with UK Harper’s Bazaar only serves to highlight the fact that her brand of feminism is rather simplistic and is a part of a well-constructed persona that utilizes the most “basic topics of politics and social realities of womanhood”. The interviewer asked her if she was a feminist, to which she responded, “I feel like… you know… it’s, like, what I live for. 
I need to find a catchy new word for feminism, right? Like Bootylicious”. Beyoncé’s willingness to suggest that feminism needs a ubiquitous catch phrase indicates that she views it as little more than a marketing tool that she can shape to her own needs. It shows that to her feminism is something that can be watered down and mass-produced into a simple phrase for popular consumption. As put by youtuber Nineteen percent “such [minimal, stylistic] and sporadic campaigns of girl power aren’t really helping the cause. Women have made great strides but it’s a bit too early to be making victory anthems if they aren’t any shift in values and work being to done to create and support such a shift”.


Bossy Girls Who Run The World: Pop Feminism from Beyonce to Tina Fey  was originally published on giantlife.com

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