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UPDATE: Jury deliberations will resume to today in the patent trial between Apple and Samsung. In the federal trial, the nine-member jurors have heard close to 50 hours of testimony and accusations in a California courtroom.

Apple filed a lawsuit against Samsung, accusing the company of copying the look and feel of the iPhone. Apple is seeking more than two-and-a-half billion dollars in compensatory damages and permanent injunctions against all sales.


Jurors in San Jose, California will hear testimony today in the patent trial between Apple and Samsung. Apple is suing Samsung, claiming the South Korean electronics firm is using features patented by Apple’s iPhone. The Apple-Samsung lawsuit puts billions at stake.

Apple has filed a lawsuit against Samsung claiming the electronics firm has copied the iPhone and iPad when it made the Galaxy S, Galaxy s II and Tab 10.1, along with 22 other products, according to The Verge’s explainer of the trial.

A second trial will reveal the Samsung electronic devices released a little later:  Galaxy Nexus and the Galaxy S III.

U.S District Judge Lucy Koh last month ordered Samsung to pull its Galaxy 10.1 computer tablet from the U.S. market pending the outcome of the patent trial reports the Associated Press.

In Monday’s opening statements, Apple attorney Harold McElhinny presented documents saying Samsung’s internal product analyses show the company deliberately copied the iPhone. Samsung attorney Charles Verhoeven countered the argument stating that all companies produce such documents, telling the jury, “It’s called competition; that’s what we do in America.”