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President Barack Obama ends his two-day tour in Pennsylvania today. The president’s message is clear to voters in Ohio and Pennsylvania that he wants to build an economy that will last starting from the middle out and not from the top down. The president wants to bring jobs back to America and no more outsourcing.

President Obama continues take historic steps to protect American workers from China’s unfair trade practices. Just two years ago, the President used for the first time special safeguards, imposing stiff tariffs to save more than 1,000 American jobs from an unfair surge in Chinese tires. The President’s action on Chinese tires was supported by manufacturing workers and companies, but was labeled as “decidedly bad for the nation and our workers” by Mitt Romney. 



National Press Secretary for the DNC Melanie Roussell takes us on journey into the last day of President Obama’s “Betting on America” Bus Tour. Roussell says President Obama is investing in American workers and is committed to getting our economy back on track. Roussell says the president’s opponent Mitt Romney is “outsourcer-in-chief” and “that’s his experience to be president.”