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And so the drama continues!

When “Basketball Wives” producer Shaunie O’Neal said a few days ago that 3 cast members needed to be let go in order for the show to sustain a more positive vibe, viewers thought she really meant she wanted to get rid of those who were causing fights, throwing bottles, and acting a fool.

According to VH1 sources, she did the opposite.

Reportedly, new “Basketball Wife” Kesha Nichols, and original cast members Royce Reed and Jennifer Williams, have all received their walking papers.

Reasons? Supposedly, Shaunie wanted to get rid of the dead weight. Sources say, her definition of dead weight equates non controversial. Viewers assumed Jennifer Williams would be fired after she refused to dismiss a lawsuit against Nia Crooks (Evelyn Lozada’s assistant) for assaulting her during taping.

As for Kesha Nichols, she simply didn’t bring enough drama to the table for viewers to care. And the rest of the cast often refused to tape with Royce Reed after she publicly criticized their actions and attitudes, and the fact she still is barred from talking about her baby’s daddy, NBA star Dwight Howard, on the show was reportedly becoming a problem.

Viewers have taken to Twitter to criticize Shaunie O’Neal who claimed she wanted to push the show in a more positive direction for next season, yet she keeps the very people who push the show in he negative direction.

“If Shaunie just wanted to keep controversy, then no need to lie about it otherwise,” one tweet states.

Their replacements should be interesting. But with certain folks still in the mix, including “resident instigator” Suzie Ketcham, viewers can expect the same sh*t, different cast.

A spokesperson for VH1 told reporters, “We don’t comment on casting until everything is final. Thanks for checking in.”