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The Oklahoma City Thunder are thankful for their loyal fans in Oklahoma and around the nation, but do they know that because of their opponent, the Miami Heat, led by MVP LaBron James, the Thunder had a whole new fan base in Ohio and with those hoops fans around the nation who simply hate LaBron James?   Granted, James has done little off the court to change his public perception, even at times expressing an attitude of not caring about it alleging that people hate him because of his success.   To which some would reply “what success”?    But three MVPs is remarkable no matter what your personal take is because only a handful have done it.

Cleveland Cavaliers fans would wholeheartedly disagree after James basically courted them, gained their love and trust, and then deserted them in a cold and calculated way.  To add injury to insult, James then dissed the city, it’s fans, and the team brass after he announced he was taking his talents to South Beach two years ago.   Not only did he ruin the relationship he had with the Cleveland community, but he went as far as to make a national TV spectacle of it.

So while the Heat was closing in on the championship, surely LaBron hopes he won’t have to continue to battle the legions of LaBron Haters around the nation who would celebrate a Miami loss just as happily as a victory by their own teams.  For LaBron, the Finals was business, for the fans he has alienated, this was personal.   They hoped James would never wins anything………EVER!   There was only one way to make them disappear.   In the words of the late NFL owner Al Davis……..Just Win Baby!