The never-ending saga, otherwise known as the Deion and Pilar Sanders divorce proceedings, is finally starting to wind down to a close.

According to sources, a judge on Tuesday ordered Deion to pay $10,500 per month in child support while the divorce proceedings continue.

Sanders, an analyst for NFL Network, will not have to pay $14,000 per month in spousal support that Pilar had sought. He does have to pay the $275,000 she has accumulated in legal fees since the case began.

And he will have to pay the $3,500 monthly mortgage payment on Pilar’s new home.

Reportedly, Pilar has been ordered to return 6 containers of property to Deion’s home by the beginning of July.

The couple’s sons will continue to live with Deion during the school year, and their daughter will live with Pilar. During the summer, Pilar and Deion will share custody.

According to sources, Pilar Sanders had also sought $14,000 in monthly spousal support, which was denied.

This is the first new development in the divorce saga since last month, when Pilar was arrested on charges of misdemeanor domestic assault after allegedly jumping Deion with the help of a friend in their home, with their children present.

After the arrest, Pilar was held in jail overnight, and Deion was granted temporary custody. The children were also ordered to participate in psychological counseling.

In contrast with that development, however, Deion didn’t have much to say about the news on Twitter. His only comment:

God is good Good is faithful God is who he says he is. Don’t ever doubt him. Truth

Deion filed for divorce from Pilar in December 2011 after the couple had been married for 13 years. Only last month did Pilar move out of their home, as the two continued to live together.

With any luck, this agreement represents the final chapter in this ongoing saga. At least, until Pilar refuses to return Deion’s containers of belongings and the drama begins again.

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