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On Tuesday afternoon, former NFL star confronted by three women, the mothers of children fathered by Owens and angry that they didn’t receive their child support payments, in front of a live audience and Dr. Phil.

Dr. Phil started the program going pretty easy, by talking with Owens about his own absentee father. However, when the first mother came out and said that Owens had only seen her child a total of 12 times in her life, things got a lot more interesting.

“He doesn’t call, he doesn’t send Christmas gifts,” the woman identified as “Kimber” said.

“The thing is, with me traveling back and forth, I don’t have a set schedule,” Owens said. He continued, “Pretty much 90% of the time every time I’ve reached out [to these women], it’s been a bad time.”

The mother of Owens’ oldest child, Monique, took her turn to explain how she went years without taking Owens to court for child support, choosing to instead work out a financial agreement with him directly. Monique continued, Owens eventually stopping paying any money, so court involvement became necessary.

Owens accused Monique of being only interested in money, because she consistently raised the amount of support she demanded and that no amount of money was ever enough for her.