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Beyonce Knowles dropped out of high school at the age of 15 to tour with Destiny’s Child.  Her dad, Matthew Knowles provided her with tutors while on the road but she never earned a high school diploma.

The world famous Beyonce Knowles has it all, a great entertainment career, married to rap/business mogul Jay-Z, a clothing line, fragrance and MOM.  I would have to say being mom to Blue Ivy is high on the list of her greater accomplishments.

Is fame, fortune and power more important than education? Beyonce doesn’t seem to think so, that’s why she was spotted with a laptop and book binder entering New York’s Alternative Education Complex known as the GED school.

Blue Ivy’s mom could receive her General Education Diploma. This diploma is an alternative to getting a regular high school diploma. However, it’s better to finish high school, as the G.E.D. is not as widely accepted as a regular diploma.