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Comedian/Actor Cedric The Entertainer is getting back to the television with a new sitcom, “The Soul Man.”

Reportedly, the show is set to premier in June on TV Land. This will be the Cedric’s first series since “The Steve Harvey Show.”

In a recent interview with BET.com, Cedric explained that the show is based on a family adjusting from the glamorous life and learning to cope with living a simplier lifestyle.

Cedric plays the role of Reverend Boyce, an R&B singer with dirty lyrics. Comedianne/Actress Niecy Nash stars as Boyce’s better half.

“The deal is he was a preacher’s son and there was this expectation for him to always be in the church business. But I ended up singing these kinds of songs against my father’s will and I go off into the world and I become a big success.”

Eventually, Cedric’s character makes a complete change and ends up finding religion.

“I come back as a guy who’s lived the world and lived the life. I’m a guy who can meet you where you are. And I can help you. That’s the whole thing with Soul Man, he’s dealing with the soul.”

Cedric explains, as an African American entertainer, he knows it’s his job and automatic responsibility as a black man to represent, whether it is good or bad.

Cedric says, the show will be much like the Cosbys.