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As more details unfold in the recent Secret Service investigation, President Obama is insisting a rigorous investigation be conducted before further judgment is passed. The White House has expressed continued support for the Secret Service and its director since the investigation began. As more details emerge the case continues to overshadow the intended Cartagena Summit of the Americas.

There are currently 11 U.S. Secret Service personnel and as many as 10 U.S. military personnel being questioned in respect to potential involvement in any misconduct, two military officials said. The personnel are under investigation for scandal with at least 20 woman at the Hotel Caribe in Cartagena, Colombia. The experience level of the Secret Service personnel in question range from relatively newcomers to nearly 20-year veterans.

UPDATE: Following the US Secret Service prostitution scandal, one supervisor has retired and another supervisor has been fired. One agent has quit while another agent is fighting to keep his job.

The number of women involved is still unknown according to U.S. Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan. The concern however is not the number of women involved but the potential classified and high security information these women might have been privy to. Maine’s Senator Susan Collins expressed her concern in a recent CNN article.

“Who were these women? Could they have been members of groups hostile to the United States? Could they have planted bugs, disabled weapons or in any other (ways) jeopardized security of the president or our country?” asked Sen. Collins.

As the country awaits the results of this investigation, the administration has tightened it’s security to prevent such a potential breach from occurring again.