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The mother of Miami Heat player Eddy Curry’s oldest son has been arrested and charged with child abuse.

Korie Kellogg, 30, who lives in the Chicago area, allegedly whooped her 10-year-old son with a belt between 15 and 20 times on April 3.

The single charge of aggravated battery on a child is a Class 3 Felony punishable by 2 to 5 years in jail.

Because authorities have refused to name the alleged victim, it is not clear whether he is Eddy Curry III, also 10, the son Kellogg had while married to Curry. Kellogg married the then-high school basketball prodigy on Valentine’s Day in 2001, but Curry filed for divorce that August after being drafted by the Chicago Bulls.

According to reports, when a school teacher asked the boy about the marks of his body, he told them he had been “whooped.”

Kellogg said prosecutor’s allegations weren’t “accurate”, but that she did not have a chance to elaborate.

Curry’s personal life has been plagued with troubles. In 2007, he and his family were robbed at gunpoint in their home in Burr Ridge, Illinois (a Chicago suburb).

In 2009, Nova Henry, Curry’s girlfriend at the time and the mother of 2 of his six children was murdered in her Chicago apartment along with their 9-month-old daughter. Their 3-year-old son witnessed the attack, for which the girlfriend’s attorney was charged.

Curry’s troubled past also includes foreclosure, rumors of a congenital heart defect, showing up to training camp out-of-shape, sexual harassment lawsuits, and massive debt.