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International fashion model Gabriel Aubry is afraid his ex-girlfriend and daughter’s mother, actress Halle Berry, is ‘scheming’ to have their daughter adopted by her new fiancé, Olivier Martinez.

Reportedly, a source close to Aubry told RadarOnline, “Gabriel fears that Halle’s ultimate plan is to get him out of his daughter’s life, permanently.”

“He believes the plan is for Halle to move to France with Nahla and then have Olivier adopt her as his own. She wants a ‘fresh start’ apparently.”

The source continued, “It all makes sense now, the allegations of mistreatment and abuse, the slurs against Gabe in the press. The fight to strip him of custody. He believes it’s all part of a bigger plan to make him appear like an unfit father and get rid of him for good.”

“It’s not happening though. Gabe will fight tooth and nail to retain joint custody of Nahla.”

“He loves that little girl and is determined to always be a part of her life and always be her father.”

“Just because Halle is through with him doesn’t mean she can shut him out of her daughter’s life too. Gabe may not have Halle’s money or power but he will not just lie down and take it.”

Berry, 45, recently replaced her long serving lawyer, Neil Hersch, with legal heavyweight, Stephen Kolodny, to fight for permission to move her daughter, who turns 4 this weekend, permanently to France – something Gabriel Aubry is vehemently against.

Abuse allegations against Aubry were dismissed, and sources contend that has made it known that if he is hauled into court again over unfounded claims, he will sue Berry.

“It’s been pretty nasty so far, but it’s going to get a LOT nastier!”

“Gabriel is ready to fight and if Halle wants to fight dirty then as far as he is concerned she can bring it on. He will match her punch for punch, slur for slur. His relationship with his daughter is at stake and he will do ANYTHING to protect that.

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