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Conservative GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum won two deep south states in Tuesday’s primaries. Santorum won Mississippi and Alabama. He said “it’s time for conservatives to pull together. You need to nominate a conservative to go up against President Barack Obama.”

Mitt Romney won Hawaii only in the Tuesday’s primary. Romney’s campaign congratulated Rick Santorum on winning Alabama and Mississippi. Romney is still the leading contender in the GOP presidential race with the most delegates but he finished 3rd place in both races after Newt Gingrich.

Newt Gingrich believes that he will win the GOP presidential nomination and will not leave the race. His focused isn’t Rick Santorum but Mitt Romney.

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The GOP republican primaries are being held in Alabama and Mississippi today. Rick Santorum heads into primary day with a big win in Kansas last Saturday. He took more than half the vote in the state’s caucuses.

Santorum hopes to win the deep south and muscle Newt Gingrich out of the race. Gingrich won two southern states, his hometown of Georgia last Tuesday and South Carolina in January.

Santorum wants to go face to face with Mitt Romney who won primaries in Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands and the Mariana Islands last weekend. CNN Chief Political Correspondent Candy Crawley said it’s not likely that Mitt Romney will walk away with two deep south wins.

Mitt Romney who is the top contender for the GOP nomination is trying to warm-up to the south. Southern comedian Jeff Foxworthy has joined Romney on the campaign trail in Alabama. Romney said he is “an official southerner” and “I’m learning how to say y’all and I like grits” and things. He laughed and said “strange things are happening to me”.

Newt Gingrich with 107 delegates said he is not leaving the race because “it’s going to be impossible for a moderate (Romney) to win the general election”.

Ron Paul with 47 delegates has not campaigned in Alabama and Mississippi. He does not play much of a factor in either state races according to political insiders.

There are 101 delegates at stake, 47 in Alabama, 37 in Mississippi and 17 in the Hawaii caucuses tonight. There are 1,144 delegates needed to win GOP presidential nomination.

Delegate count as of Mar 13, 2012:

Mitt Romney 454

Rick Santorum 217

Newt Gingrich 107

Ron Paul 47