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          ‘Super’ Tuesday, invaded the State of Virginia, where Mitt Romney beat his only opponent Ron Paul, the only other name on the Republican ballot.  Romney won the big primary in Ohio, and in his home state of Massachutsetts, finished 2nd in Georgia where Newt Gingrich picked up his only win.   Romney should thank Gingrich because without him, former Senator Rick Santorum, who won Oklahoma, Tennessee, & North Dakota, probably would have won Ohio and Georgia as well.  Voter turnout is reportedly low for a Presidential primary and enthusiasm is lacking for any of these candidates.  Women voters are fleeing the party’s stance on contraception, abortion, and women’s rights issues in general.  Add Rush Limbaugh, the candidates beating war drums in promoting a military attack on Iran., and their worst fear: a steadily improving economy, all combined are painting a picture of desperation.  Gingrich, with one win, gave the longest speech EVER!

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