Today is the national launch of African Americans for Obama at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) . The spotlight is on Virginia State University in Ettrick, VA at 6p.m.  Mike Blake is Deputy Director of the Obama re-election Campaign Vote program and he talks about the event with me.  Listen in live.

Mike Blake is the Deputy Director of the Obama Campaign’s Operation Vote program, which is dedicated to engaging and mobilizing key communities, including African Americans, Hispanics, youth and women.

Mike Blake came to the campaign from the White House, where he helped lead outreach to the African American community, and has been named one of the “Talented Ten” Obama staffer by the The Roots.

Mike Blake discussed with me the launch of African Americans for Obama at HBCU’S across the country and in Virginia. He shared some of the President Obama‘s accomplishments for young adults, like remaining on their parents health insurance until the age of 26; job opportunities, education programs and educational funding.

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