President Barack Obama‘s new policy on birth control causes an uproar in many Catholic institutions.  Republicans vowed Wednesday to reverse the new policy that states that religious schools and  hospitals provide employees with birth control for women free of charge.  According to Republicans the new policy is an “unambiguous attack on religious freedom in our country. 

The White House argued that Obama was sensitive to the objections and is looking for a way to appease all uncertainties.  Democratic women lawmakers united together as one defending the administration.  Accusing the administration of violating First Amendment rights, House Speaker John Boehner demanded President Obama to abolish the policy or congress will. 

 The controversial issue has enraged the Catholics who feel as though the requirement would force them to violate church teachings against the use of contraceptives.  White House spokesman Jay Carney stated on Tuesday that, “the president is committed, as I’ve tried to make clear, to ensuring that this policy is implemented so that all American women have access to the same level of health care coverage and doing that in a way that hopefully allays some of the concerns that have been expressed”.

Boehner says that if the administration does not reverse the policy congress will act.  He says that the House Energy and Commerce Committee  will move on to legislation in the very new future.

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